Pillars of the AOFAS


The Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Foundation's Pillars of the AOFAS initiative honors iconic surgeons who have advanced the Society and the profession through their leadership and dedication to educating foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons. 

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2021 Pillar

James W. Brodsky, MDJames W. Brodsky, MD

James W. Brodsky, MD, is the consummate orthopaedic surgeon. An enduring leader in orthopaedic foot and ankle surgery, he has worked tirelessly to advance our understanding of complex pathology from Charcot arthropathy to total ankle arthroplasty. Ever ready with a clever witticism, he always stimulates his fellows and colleagues to ask the tough questions and seek the tougher answers. Above all, Dr. Brodsky is a teacher, leading by example and inspiring those around him to be better.

Dr. Brodsky founded the Baylor Foot and Ankle Fellowship nearly three decades ago and remains its driving force. He has mentored more than 70 clinical fellows along with a host of international researchers and guests. Dr. Brodsky served as president of the AOFAS in 2005-06 and continues to be a leader in the Society.

Dr. Brodsky will be honored as Pillar of the Society at AOFAS Annual Meeting 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 22-25.

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Amgad M. Haleem Amin, MD
Michael S. Aronow, MD
Jason T. Bariteau, MD
Joseph E. Bellamy, MD
Lawrence Berson, MD
Eric M. Bluman, MD, PhD
Daniel D. Bohl, MD, MPH
James W. Bogener, MD
Claudia & Max Brodsky
James W. Brodsky, MD
Nathan Bruck, MD
John Chao, MD
Daniel A. Charlick, MD
Noah Chinitz, MD
Natalie R. Danna, MD
Bryan D. Den Hartog, MD
Christopher W. DiGiovanni, MD
Bryan C. Ding, MD
W. Bentley Edmonds, MD
Jennifer E. Elkins, PA-C
Scott J. Ellis, MD
Amanda J. Fantry, MD
Daniel C. Farber, MD
Samuel E. Ford, MD
Daniel J. Fuchs, MD
Eric C. Gokcen, MD
Troy M. Gorman, MD
Heather E. Gotha, MD
Benjamin J. Grear, MD
Albert F. Haas, MD
Jonathan S. Hall, MD
Kjetil H. Hvaal, MD
Todd A. Irwin, MD
David E. Jaffe, MD
Jeffrey R. Jockel, MD
Kenneth S. Jung, MD
Paul A. Kammerlocher, MD

David A. Katcherian, MD
Robert A. Kaye, MD
Harold B. Kitaoka, MD
Michal Kozanek, MD, PhD
John O. Krause, MD
James Mack Lancaster, MD
Elaine M. Leighton, MPH, CAE
Peter G. Mangone, MD
Thomas A. McDonald, MD
Gregory M. Neely, MD
Meir Nyska, MD
Andrew W. Pao, MD
Roger N. Passmore, MD
Glenn B. Pfeffer, MD
Robert A. Probe, MD
Amy Jo Ptaszek, MD
Alexander Rabinovich, MD
Robert A. Raines, Jr, MD
Sourendra Raut, MD
Veerabhadra K. Reddy, MD*
James Reisman, MD
Steven Ross, MD
Andrew M. Rouse, MD
Christian T. Royer, MD
Charles L. Saltzman, MD
Mark S. Sanders, MD
Daniel J. Scott, MD, MBA
Wei Shen, MD
Sheryl M. Smith, MD
Manuel Resende Sousa, MD
Kristopher G. Stockton, MD
Nels W. Thorderson, MD
Akira Taniguchi, MD 
Shay Tenenbaum, MD
Danielle M. Thomas, MD
Pablo Wagner, MD
Jacob R. Zide, MD*

* Brodsky Pillar Champion

Previous Inductees

Sigvard T. Hansen Jr., MD2019: Sigvard T. Hansen Jr., MD

Sigvard "Ted" Hansen Jr., MD, is a world-renowned pioneer in both orthopaedic traumatology and reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle. After joining the University of Washington Department of Orthopedics in the 1970s, he quickly became a revered mainstay and leader in the foot and ankle field. Exercising a legendary disdain for bureaucracy, Dr. Hansen brought his foot and ankle service to international prominence while also serving as Department Chair from 1981-85.

Over his four-decade career, Dr. Hansen mentored more than 70 domestic fellows and scores of international fellows — many of whom have gone on to be division chiefs, department heads, and leaders in the AOFAS and the worldwide foot and ankle realm. He is also an AO Fellow and winner of the AO Innovation Prize.

Make a Gift in Dr. Hansen's Honor

Thank you to the following donors for their contributions to the Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Foundation in honor of Sigvard T. Hansen Jr., MD (as of May 31, 2021).

Arash Aminian, MD
John G. Anderson, MD*
Kevin C. Anderson
Anonymous, in memory of Arthur Manoli II, MD 
Michael S. Aronow, MD
Craig R. Barrow, MD
Timothy C. Beals, MD
Paul A. Bednarz, MD
Ross A. Benthien, MD, MPH
Eric M. Bluman, MD, PhD*
Donald R. Bohay, MD, FACS*
James W. Boyle, MD 
James W. Brodsky, MD
Nicholas A. Cheney, DO
Margaret Chilvers, MD
Michael P. Clare, MD 
J. Chris Coetzee, MD*
Jay L. Crary, MD
Robert Dehne, MD
Bryan D. Den Hartog, MD
Christopher W. DiGiovanni, MD*
Timothy A. DuMontier, MD
John S. Early, MD
Erik B. Eller, MD
Scott J. Ellis, MD
Sergio Fernández, MD
Andrew P. Gerken, MD
Justin K. Greisberg, MD*
Daniel Guss, MD, MBA 
Mariam Hakim-Zargar, MD, MPH 
Christian C. Hall, MD
Thomas M. Hearty, MD, DPT
Thomas S. Helpenstell, MD
Jeffrey A. Henning, MD
James R. Holmes, MD
Todd A. Irwin, MD
Julie M. Johnson, MD
Christina A. Kabbash, MD, MPH, PhD
David A. Katcherian, MD
Paul J. Kerner, MD

John I. Khoury, MD
Harold B. Kitaoka, MD
Kaj Klaue, MD
Roderick S. Kuo, MBBS
Alan J. Laing, MD
Richard T. Laughlin, MD
Elaine M. Leighton, MPH, CAE
Robert H. Leland, MD
Sandy Macnab, CFRE
Eric S. Malicky, MD 
Arthur Manoli II, MD
Geoffrey Marecek, MD
William K. McKibbin, MD
Robert E. Meehan, MD
Daniel K. Moon, MD, MS, MBA
Brandon L. Morris, MD
Erik J. Novak, MD, PhD
Judith R. Oppenheim, MD
Garrett J. Pangrazzi, MD
Cameron G. Patthanacharoenphon, MD
Steven J. Pinney, MD
Gregory C. Pomeroy, MD
Stefan Rammelt, MD, PhD
Damien A. Richardson, MD, MPH
Matthew M. Roberts, MD
Charles L. Saltzman, MD
Mark S. Sanders, MD
Andrew K. Sands, MD*
Bruce J. Sangeorzan, MD*
Kim Slater, MBBS, FRACS
Benjamin W. Stevens, MD
Wesley M. Stotler, DO
Michael P. Swords, DO
John C. Tanner III, MD
Ruth L. Thomas, MD
Brian C. Toolan, MD
Robert G. Veith, MD
Brian M. Weatherford, MD
Joan R. Williams, MD
Jonathon C. Wolf, MD
Alastair S.E. Younger, MBChB, ChM

* Hansen Pillar Champion

John S. Gould, MD2018: John S. Gould, MD

John S. Gould, MD, was a master surgeon, clinician, educator, and leader. As chair of the Department if Orthopaedic Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin for 10 years, he established a prestigious fellowship for foot and ankle orthopaedic surgery. His commitment to advancing orthopaedics was evident as he served as AOFAS president from 1985-86 as well as president of several other orthopaedic organizations.

Dr. Gould passed away in September 2015, but his legacy lives on through his research, writing, and former fellows who have followed in his footsteps to make great contributions to orthopaedics.

Make a Gift in Dr. Gould's Honor

Thank you to the following donors for their contributions to the Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Foundation in honor of John S. Gould, MD (as of May 31, 2021).

Robert S. Adelaar, MD
Robert B. Anderson, MD
Marion Auerbach
Judith F. Baumhauer, MD, MPH
Anthony P. Belmont, MD
Kevin P. Black, MD
James W. Brodsky, MD
Paul B. Canale, MD
Bruce E. Cohen, MD
Ana Katherine Curry, MD
Eugene E. Curry, MD
Bryan D. Den Hartog, MD
Grant A. Dona, MD
Jessica M. Downes, MD
Tracie & Jeffrey R. Dugas, MD
Mark D. Foster, MD
Daniel W. Guehlstorf, MD
Sigvard T. Hansen Jr., MD
Gerald F. Harris, PhD
John G. Heller, MD
Jeffrey E. Johnson, MD
Joseph T. Johnson, MD
Harold B. Kitaoka, MD
William D. Krauss, DO
Benta & Jack E. Lemons, PhD

Sheldon S. Lin, MD
Roger M. Lyon, MD
Carole & William Markus
Kenneth Marshall, MD
Ronnie Mathews, MD
Leland C. McCluskey, MD
James R. McWilliam, MD
Daniel K. Moon, MD, MS, MBA
Tye J. Ouzounian, MD
Paul L. Penar, MD
Michael S. Pinzur, MD
Carol & E. Greer Richardson, MD
Ramon F. Rodriguez, MD
B. Hoagland Rosania, MD
Charles L. Saltzman, MD
Lew C. Schon, MD
Jeffrey P. Schwab, MD
David G. Scott, MD
Shao-Min Shi, MD, PhD
Judith W. Smith, MD
Susan & Steven M. Theiss, MD
Robert J. Treuting, MD
John L. Trotter, MD
Emilio Wagner, MD
David S. Wisdom, MD

William G. Hamilton, MD2018: William G. Hamilton, MD

William G. Hamilton, MD, is a respected member of the orthopaedic community, well-known for his exceptional teaching, clinical expertise, and witty "Hamiltonisms." In 1972, Dr. Hamilton was hired by George Balanchine, co-founder of the New York City Ballet, to provide care for the company's 100+ dancers. He later took on roles as the orthopaedic surgeon for the American Ballet Theatre, the School of American Ballet, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Ballet, as well as consultant for the New York Knicks and New York Yankees.

Dr. Hamilton served as AOFAS President from 1992-93 and has mentored more than 50 foot and ankle orthopaedic fellows.

Make a Gift in Dr. Hamilton's Honor

Thank you to the following donors for their contributions to the Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Foundation in honor of William G. Hamilton, MD (as of May 31, 2021).

Stephanie P. Adam, DO
Amgad M. Haleem Amin, MD
Donna J. Astion, MD
Lucas J. Bader, MD
Erroll J. Bailey, MD
Harpreet S. Basran, MD
Phillip A. Bauman, MD
Andrew A. Brief, MD
Lloyd C. Briggs, MD
James W. Brodsky, MD
Haydee C. Brown, MD
Cesar de Cesar Netto, MD, PhD
Wen Chao, MD
Timothy P. Charlton, MD
Lan Chen, MD
Steven C. Choung, MD
William G. Cimino, MD
Frank A. Cordasco, MD
W. Hodges Davis, MD
Richard J. De Asla, MD
Jonathan T. Deland, MD
Andrew J. Elliott, MD
Scott J. Ellis, MD
John M. Feder, MD
Richard D. Ferkel, MD
Jessica B. Gallina, MD
Mark J. Geppert, MD
Charles B. Goodwin, MD

Jonathan Gordon, MD
MaCalus V. Hogan, MD, MBA
Christopher E. Hubbard, MD
David J. Inda, MD
A. Holly Johnson, MD
John G. Kennedy, MD
Harold B. Kitaoka, MD
Paul E. Kovatis, MD
Joshua H. Lamb, MD
Eric W. Lloyd, MD
Margaret J. Lobo, MD
Thomas M. Novella, DPM
Irvin Chung Oh, MD
Martin J. O'Malley, MD
Tye J. Ouzounian, MD
Alexandra E. Page, MD
Kenneth K. Park, MD
Mihir M. Patel, MD
Glenn B. Pfeffer, MD
Alejandro E. Pino, MD
Victor Prisk, MD
Omar Saleem, MD
Charles L. Saltzman, MD
Christine M. Seaworth, MD
Roman A. Sibel, MD
Nazzar Tellisi, MSc, MBChB
Elly Trepman, MD
Kurt V. Voellmicke, MD
J. Turner Vosseller, MD