Young Physician Fundraising Challenge


Young Physicians Stepped Up to the Challenge!

For the third year, the Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Foundation Board of Directors and AOFAS Young Physicians Committee are challenging early-career AOFAS members to embrace the culture of giving by making a donation to the Foundation.

Visiting Professor Program

Gifts to the Young Physician Fundraising Challenge support:

  • NEW! Research Grants: Funding of more than $240,000 in 2023, increasing to $275,000 in 2024 including a new $5,000 grant for residents. Also in 2024, new primary investigators who have not yet received AOFAS research grant funding will receive an additional 10% on their grants’ scores.

  • Education: Foot & Ankle Focus and Ask the Expert Webinars, Annual/Winter Meeting and Course Programming

  • Mentorship: Women's Leadership and DEI Initiatives, Resident Scholarships, Resident Courses, Fellowship Scholarships

  • Outreach: Traveling Fellowships, EFAS Exchange Program, Overseas Humanitarian Projects

Make a Gift

Consider joining the Pathway to President's Circle by making an annual gift in the amounts below to reach the Bronze level ($25,000 lifetime total):

  • First 5 years – $100/year ($500 total)

  • 6-10 years – $250/year ($1,250 total)

  • 11-15 years – $500/year ($2,500 total)

  • 16-20 years – $1,500/year ($7,500 total)

  • 21-25 years – $3,000/year ($15,000 total)

The 2023 Young Physicians Fundraising Challenge ended on August 10, 2023, with 37 early-career AOFAS members and committee members stepping up to the Challenge! We are grateful for their support.

Every contribution adds up and helps ensure a strong future for the next generation of foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons!

Make a Gift

Thank you to the following donors for participating in the 2023 Young Physician Fundraising Challenge!

Current as of August 10, 2023

Mostafa Abousayed, MD
Kivanc Atesok, MD*
Lara C. Atwater, MD*
Joseph E. Bellamy, MD*
Cesar de Cesar Netto, MD*
Bonnie Y. Chien, MD
Matthew S. Conti, MD*
Theodora C. Dworak, MD
Ramin Espandar, MD
Brian M. Fisher, MD
Sara H. Galli, MD*
Jorge N. Gil, MD
Christopher E. Gross, MD*
Javier Z. Guzman, MD
Kenneth Heida, MD*
Amgad Haleem Amin, MD*
Anny Hsu, MD

Gregory Lause, MD
Benjamin B. Lindsey, MD
Naji S. Madi, MD
Matthew R. McDonald, MD*
Tara Moncman, DO
Vandan Patel, MD
Daniel J. Scott, MD
Natalie V. Singer, MD
Kenneth S. Smith Jr., MD
Niall A. Smyth, MD*
Won Tae Song, MD
Paul G. Talusan, MD*
Andrew P. Thome Jr., MD*
David M. Walton, MD*
Miqi Wang, MD
Chad B. Willis, MD
Andrew D. Wohler, MD*
Omar M. Yaldo, MD
John Z. Zhao, MD


* Committee Member