Specialty Day 2024

Friday, February 16, 2024
Moscone Convention Center
San Francisco, California

Kelly Hynes, MD (AOFAS)
Brendan Patterson, MD (OTA)
Holly Pilson, MD (OTA)
Brandon Yuan, MD (OTA)


AOFAS is returning to the AAOS Annual Meeting with a Specialty Day collaboration with the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) on Friday, February 16. The education program will feature joint sessions on foot and ankle trauma, with representatives from both AOFAS and OTA, as well as innovative research in foot and ankle trauma that will change your practice.

Registration Fees

  • OTA/AOFAS Member: $250

  • Non-Member Physician: $350

  • Resident/Fellow: $50

  • Allied Health: $75

  • Industry Representative: $325


NOTE: Registration and housing for Specialty Day are managed by the AAOS.



Speakers, topics, and schedule subject to change


8:00 am – 8:05 am
Brendan Patterson, MD, OTA Past President

Combined Sessions: Foot & Ankle Trauma

8:05 am – 9:05 am
Session I: Direct, Indirect and Arthroscopic Reduction techniques in Foot & Ankle Trauma
Moderators: Bopha Chrea, MD; Saam Morshed, MD, PhD, MPH

Arthroscopy Applications for Ankle Fractures and Syndesmotic Injuries
Eric Giza, MD

Open Reduction of the Syndesmosis with Direct Visualization Is the Only Way
Anna Miller, MD

Can Arthroscopy Assist in the Treatment of Calcaneal and Talus Fractures?
Kevin Martin, DO

Calcaneus Fractures: Tips and Tricks for Assessing Reduction with Intraoperative Fluoroscopy
Michael Githens, MD

Use of Intraoperative Advanced Imaging in Foot and Ankle Trauma
Stephen Warner, MD

Discussion and Q&A


9:05 am – 10:20 am
Session II: Foot & Ankle Trauma Debates: “Fix it or Fuse it?”
Moderators: Jason Strelzow, MD; David Shearer, MD

Pilon: The Role of Acute Fusion for Pilon Fractures (Who, What, When, and How)
Max Michalski, MD

Pilon: The Role of Acute Fixation for Pilon Fractures (Which ones still deserve a fighting chance?)
Hassan Mir, MD

Lisfranc: Fuse It
Kelly Hynes, MD

Lisfranc: Fix It
Arun Aneja, MD

Calcaneus: Why, When, and How I Fuse Saunders IV Calcaneus Fractures
Lara Atwater, MD

Calcaneus: Why, When, and How I Fix Saunders IV Calcaneus Fractures
Brian Weatherford, MD

Discussion and Q&A


10:20 am – 10:35 am


10:35 am – 11:45 am
Session III: The Top 6 Papers in the Last Year That Will Change Your Practice in Foot & Ankle Trauma
Moderators: Alastair Younger, MBChB; Joseph Patterson, MD

Measuring Deltoid Insufficiency After Supination-External Rotation Ankle Fracture with Lateral Talar Subluxation on Gravity Stress View
Edward T. Haupt, MD; Ronnie Sebro, MD; Jose M. Iturregui, MD; Rupert Stanborough, MD; Ali Siddiqui, MD; Glenn G. Shi, MD

Functional Outcomes of Primary Arthrodesis (PA) Versus Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) in the Treatment of Lisfranc Injuries
Zsombor T. Gal, MD; Richard W. Pectol, MD; Tyler Kalbac, MD; Ashley N. Dawson, MD; Chandler Sneed, MD; Ashley Y. Albano, MD; Matthew W. Kavolus, MD; Arun Aneja, MD PhD; Arjun K. Srinath, MD, MPH

Outcomes of Tibiotalocalcaneal Hindfoot Fusion Nails Used for Acute Lower Extremity Trauma in a High-Risk Patient Population
Kalin J. Fisher, MD; Stephen F. Shannon, MD; Christina M. Dean, BS; Max A. Coale, MD; Kathleen M. Healey, BA; Robert V. O’Toole, MD; Theodore T. Manson, MD; Nathan N. O'Hara, PhD, MHA; Marcus F. Sciadini, MD

Effect of Early Weightbearing Following Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Unstable Ankle Fractures on Wound Complications or Failures of Fixation
Casey Pyle, DO; Michael Kim-Orden, MD; Tyler Hughes, MD; Brian Schneiderman, MD; Robert Kay, MD; Thomas Harris, MD; Nirmal Tejwani, MD

Can Laser-Assisted Indocyanine Green Angiography Be Used to Quantify Perfusion Changes During Staged Fixation of Pilon Fractures? A Pilot Study
Brendon C. Mitchell, MD; Pelle V. Wall, BA; Taylor K. Zak, MD; Keenan M. Onodera, MD; Pradyumna Gurusamy, MD; Kathryn Dwight, MD; Joseph Elsissy, MD; William T. Kent, MD

Medial Malleolus: Operative or Non-operative (MOON) Trial Protocol: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial of Operative versus Non-operative Management of Associated Medial Malleolus Fractures in Unstable Fractures of the Ankle
Thomas H. Carter, MD, BSc, MBChB, MRCS; William M. Oliver, MD, MBBS, MRCSED, Catriona Graham, MSc; Andrew D. Duckworth, BSc, MSc, FRCSEd, PhD; Timothy O. White, MD, FRCS, FFTEd

Discussion and Q&A


11:45 am – 12:45 pm
OTA Business Meeting (OTA Members Only)

Trauma Topics

12:45 pm – 1:45 pm
Session IV: Advocacy in Action for the Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon
Moderator: Damayea Hargett, MD, BS

Intimate Partner Violence in the Orthopaedic Patient Population: What Surgeons Need to Know
Lisa Cannada, MD

Workplace Violence and the Orthopaedic Surgeon: A Toolkit for Advocacy
Julie Balch Samora, MD, PhD, MPH

Personal Notes on Providing Global Humanitarian Aid in Disaster and Resource Limited Settings
Ron Israelski, MD

Self-Advocacy and Physician Wellness
Milton Little, MD

Discussion and Q&A


1:45 pm – 2:00 pm


2:00 pm – 3:15 pm
Session V: OTA Highlight Papers Selected from the 2023 Annual Meeting
Moderators: Nirmal Tejwani, MD; Samir Mehta, MD

An Early Coagulation Factor Dominant Hypercoagulability Is Followed by a Prolonged Platelet-Dominant Hypercoagulability in Patients Requiring Hip Fracture Surgery
Prism Schneider, MD

Surgery With Locking Plate or Hemiarthroplasty Versus Nonoperative Treatment of 3- and 4-Part Proximal Humerus Fractures in Patients Aged 60 Years and Older: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Antti Launonen, MD

PREPARE-Closed: A Pragmatic Randomized Trial Evaluating Preoperative Alcohol Skin Solutions in Closed Fractured Extremities
Sheila Sprague, PhD

Liberal Transfusion Causes Higher Infection Rates with No Benefit to Functional Outcomes, Orthopaedic Trauma, and Anemia: Conservative Versus Liberal Transfusion (ORACL): A Prospective Randomized Study
Brian Mullis, MD, FIOTA


Low-Dose Short-Term Scheduled Ketorolac Reduces Opioid Use and Pain in Orthopaedic Polytrauma Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Arun Aneja, MD, PhD

Reamer-Irrigator-Aspirator (RIA) Versus Autogenous Iliac Crest Bone Graft (AICBG) for the Treatment of Nonunions: A Multicenter Randomized Trial
Aaron Nauth, MD

Resident Memorial Award
Tranexamic Acid Administered at Time of Hospital Admission Does Not Decrease Transfusion Rates or Blood Loss for Extracapsular Hip Fractures: A Double-Blinded Randomized Clinical Trial
Rachel Honig, MD

Bovill Award Winner
Introduction and Award by Brendan Patterson, MD, OTA Past President & Emil Schemitsch, MD, OTA President
Infrapatellar Versus Suprapatellar Intramedullary Nailing for Fractures of the Tibia (INSURT Study): A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial
David Cintas, MD

Discussion and Q&A


3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Session VI: “What I Know Now” – A Panel of Past OTA Presidents
Moderators: Holly Pilson, MD; Brandon Yuan, MD

Speakers: Andrew Schmidt, MD, FIOTA; Marc Swiontkowski, MD, FIOTA; Brendan Patterson, MD, FIOTA