AOFAS Specialty Day


AOFAS will not be participating in Specialty Day 2021.

This decision was made by the AOFAS Board of Directors prior to the cancellation of the 2020 AAOS Annual Meeting. In their review of Specialty Day attendance, attendee evaluations, and financial reports, the AOFAS Board of Directors discovered several factors that contributed to their decision:

  • Specialty Day attendance had been trending down over time.

  • It was difficult to meet the education needs of both AOFAS specialists and non-foot and ankle orthopedists due to the gap in specialty knowledge.

  • Many of the papers presented at Specialty Day were also presented earlier in the week at AAOS.

  • Recent limitations around industry support of the meeting led to a financial loss each of the past few years.

  • Audiovisual and food costs were exceeding the registration fee for the meeting.

AOFAS will continue to have a presence at the AAOS Annual Meeting through our participation in general sessions, instructional courses, AOFAS-sponsored activities, and social events.

Following the cancellation of Specialty Day 2021, the AOFAS Education Committee was charged to examine how to best deliver programming to foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons as well as to the healthcare team. Some ideas are one-day advanced topic programs as well as increased virtual meetings.

The AOFAS Board of Directors plans to revisit the decision for future Specialty Day programming and welcomes your feedback on this topic. Please email