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A Message from the AOFAS President

by William C. McGarvey, MD | Jun 10, 2020


Dear Colleagues,

With the recent events in the United States, I have been reflecting on the importance of diversity and inclusivity, both in our country and in the AOFAS. Inclusivity is a core value of the AOFAS and the diverse people and perspectives that comprise our membership are what make our community strong. We condemn hate and discrimination in all forms.

George Floyd was a native Texan and has deep roots in Houston. His memorial service in the Houston area was a moving tribute not only to his legacy as a man, but to the importance of diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and acceptance in our community.

Our nation is enduring extremely challenging times as many individuals are dealing with feelings of anger, oppression, exclusion, and disenfranchisement. Through all of that, though, I am moved by the groups of people reaching out to one another locally, regionally, and even nationally to demonstrate their support and solidarity for a better, more peaceful, and kinder nation — one that stands together, not divided.

Events locally have warmed my heart. I have seen high school students band together to arrange what was thought to be a small community demonstration, which ended up drawing thousands of people and needing to move to a large sports complex to accommodate the supporters. This peaceful demonstration brought together a diverse group of individuals motivated by the concepts of integration, awareness, and betterment of our society.

Ongoing events sponsored by our university, hospital system, and civic groups also give hope and direction to those who are seeking ways to participate.

The issues that our country is facing are much larger than the AOFAS. But I thought it important to reaffirm during this time that the AOFAS continues to support diversity and inclusion across all strata of gender, race, religious preference, sexual orientation, and any other categories applied to members, patients, and people in general.

As a subspecialty society, we trim this down to basic concepts of maintaining respectfulness and integrity and being mindful that every individual is just as important, meaningful, and worthy of our full consideration as anyone else. People are people, each with promise, value, and worth. Let us recognize that simple truism as we work toward understanding and unity.



William C. McGarvey, MD
AOFAS President