Vina del Mar

IFFAS 2020 Update

Friends and colleagues, due to the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic, the IFFAS Triennial Meeting scheduled for April 24-25, 2020 in Viña del Mar, Chile, has been postponed to April 29 - May 1, 2021. Thank you for your participation in the meeting and we wish you and your families good health.

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Cristian A. Ortiz

Cristian A. Ortiz, MD
Santiago, Chile
2020-2023 President

Letter from the IFFAS President

On behalf of IFFAS, I wish to congratulate Martinus Richter for his outstanding leadership as our president from 2017 to 2020. Building on the success of prior Triennial IFFAS meetings, Martinus’ important contributions began well before his presidency. As program chair for the last Triennial Meeting, he dedicated months to thoughtfully organizing the 2017 IFFAS Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. Arguably, his efforts led to one of the most advanced educational events, with unparalleled exchange of ideas, for the international foot and ankle community. Without delay, Martinus continued his commitment to IFFAS through his meaningful vision as our president. In only three years, Martinus skillfully directed our diverse regional leaders to shape IFFAS into a far more united and inclusive organization, one that has advanced the education of all foot and ankle providers and improved worldwide patient care. Personally, I would also like to thank Martinus for leading by example. His mentorship and guidance promise to serve me well in serving IFFAS and you over the next three years. As incoming IFFAS president I am honored to represent our Federation of Latin American Foot and Ankle Societies (FLAMECIPP). I am committed to furthering IFFAS’ inclusive educational mission.

This year, we faced the unprecedented pandemic situation that forced us to postpone our Triennial Meeting to 2021. The new dates for the 2021 meeting are April 29 – May 1 and the venue remains the same, Viña del Mar, Chile. After careful deliberation, the IFFAS Council decided to maintain the same educational program that was created for this year’s meeting. Obviously, over the next 12 months, we anticipate minor program changes and we will communicate these to you with regular meeting updates. The IFFAS organizational committee and leadership are grateful for the commitment and flexibility exhibited by attendees, scientific societies, sponsors, Viña del Mar’s hotels/convention center, and even the airlines in postponing the meeting. I am confident that, like previous Triennial meetings, this will be another wonderful opportunity for us to exchange ideas, learn from one another, and foster long-lasting friendships.

New IFFAS initiatives include a series of educational webinars, organized by our four federations (FLAMECIPP, EFAS, NAFAS, AFFAS), to deliver valuable current scientific content. Across the IFFAS membership, we are fortunate to have so many talented educators. I encourage any of our individual members or society representatives to contact us for collaboration on IFFAS online educational material.

We are improving the IFFAS webpage, in partnership with AOFAS, to share surgical techniques and de-identified case discussions. In addition, we plan to add a portal for our international membership to exchange ideas and provide second opinions for challenging foot and ankle problems, a feature that is sure to improve patient care. Through the webpage we will provide regular IFFAS news, schedules, and updates. As a long-term goal, we anticipate that our online educational endeavors will eventually lead to the creation of a dedicated IFFAS Journal.

I am especially proud of IFFAS’ commitment to inclusivity and unity. While IFFAS comprises a diverse group that spans the globe, our leadership continues to effectively connect foot and ankle societies worldwide and welcome currently unaffiliated foot and ankle providers to share in our mission. 

I am excited about the newest slate of IFFAS council members, a group that is sure to actively further IFFAS’ initiatives and serve the membership well. In order to maintain a smooth transition during this unique year, EFAS appointed Martinus Richter as Secretary until the 2021 Triennial Meeting. 

IFFAS’ future is bright. The IFFAS leadership and I welcome each member’s active participation.  Your direct involvement is sure to strengthen IFFAS. You may start by planning to joining us in Chile next year. My colleagues and I look forward to hosting you  in Viña del Mar. Please visit the website for details and feel free to contact me directly.

Cristian A. Ortiz, MD
IFFAS President 



The International Federation of Foot & Ankle Societies (IFFAS) is an organization that grew out of increased collaboration among orthopaedic foot and ankle societies around the world. It is a federation of regional federations of foot and ankle organizations, whose members are orthopaedic surgeons specializing in the medical and surgical care of the foot and ankle.