Vina del Mar

IFFAS 7th Triennial Scientific Meeting Update

The Scientific Committee has decided to change the location of the long-awaited IFFAS 2022 Scientific Meeting to Santiago, the capital of Chile. The meeting will still be held April 28-30. We regret any inconvenience, but we are sure this is the best decision for these times. Thank you for your understanding. Learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: IFFAS and IFFAS officers will never ask for personal information or money via email. Any such emails are fraudulent, even if they look like they were sent by an IFFAS member. Please do not respond to these requests and contact IFFAS at with any questions.

Cristian A. Ortiz

Cristian A. Ortiz, MD
Santiago, Chile
2020-2023 President

Letter from the IFFAS President - January 2022

Dear IFFAS Members:

Although there have been recent changes in the world health situation related to COVID, we are confident that we may reasonably move on with our educational activities for 2022.

Each country seems to be going through different situations in terms of lockdowns and travel restrictions. This seems to be at least partially related to the vaccination percentage. Chile has one of the best vaccination programs in the world with most of the population having already three doses of the vaccine, beginning at 3 years old.

We have begun the update process including scientific program, attendees, sponsor, webpage, etc. Everyone seems to be extremely enthusiastic about a face-to-face program in Chile, April 28-30 of 2022. South America and Chile are ready for all of us to have a great scientific and friendship experience here.

I hope to see you all soon.

Cristian Ortiz, MD
IFFAS President


Information About Oral Presentations - IFFAS 2022

The Scientific Committee of the IFFAS 2022 meeting is reorganizing the scientific program. For this reason, we invite authors who have submitted papers for oral presentation to confirm if they will keep their original work, if they wish to update it or remove it from the program. To confirm, please send an email to


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