Resident Scholarship Program


Applications are now open for the 2020 Resident Scholarship Program! Apply now

The AOFAS Resident Scholarship Program provides an incredible opportunity for orthopaedic surgery residents to attend the AOFAS Annual Meeting as guests of the Society and learn from leaders in the foot and ankle field.

The scholarship covers registration fees for all Annual Meeting activities, along with lodging and a transportation stipend. In addition, each Resident Scholar is paired with an AOFAS-member mentor and attends an exclusive gathering where they can meet mentors and other scholarship recipients.

Orthopaedic surgery residents in the US and Canada who are PGY-1, PGY-2, and PGY-3 during the academic year are eligible to apply. Applications are evaluated on a competitive basis.


AOFAS Resident Scholars

2019 Resident Scholars

"My mentor was easy to talk to and approachable... You could tell he was genuinely interested in helping me with all the questions I had."

— Joseph E. Jacobson, MD, 2019 Resident Scholar

Scholarship Criteria

The applicant must:

  • Be an orthopaedic surgery resident in first, second, or third year of training (excluding time spent in research) in a US or Canadian training program

  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for and have a sincere interest in foot and ankle surgery

  • Be in good academic standing

Application Process

Applicants must:

  • Complete and submit the application

  • Include a personal statement (no longer than 500 words) describing their interest in foot and ankle, what they want to learn from this experience, and how they will share what they learn

  • Include a curriculum vitae

  • Obtain a written recommendation from their orthopaedic training program director

Selection Process

Resident Scholarship recipients are selected by the AOFAS Awards and Scholarships Committee based on assessment of the resident's application, demonstrated interest in foot and ankle, and recommendation of the training program director.

For more information, contact the AOFAS Executive Office at or call 800-235-4855 or +1-847-698-4654 (outside US).

Note: The Resident Scholarship is a non-transferable, one-time-only opportunity. Scholars agree to abide by program terms and acknowledge that acceptance of a scholarship precludes receiving any future Resident Scholarships.

2019 Resident Scholars

Aouod Agenor, MD
Amit Anand, MBChB
Eric C. Bellinger, MD
Aamir Bhimani, MD
Ryan J. Bickley, MD
Shawn M. Bifano, MD
Braden J. Boyer, MD
Justin N. Brohard, DO
Andrew E. Brooks, MD
Bernard N. Burgesson, MD
Francis P. Bustos, MD
William M. Cregar, MD
Daniel J. Cunningham, MD
Burton D. Dunlap, MD
Alessandra L. Falk, MD
Amanda N. Fletcher, MD
Brian P. Gallagher, MD
Mariano Garay, MD
Stephanie S. Gardner, MD
Tara E. Gaston, DO
Susan M. Ge, MD
Shivali Gupta, DO
Jensen K. Henry, MD
Tyler M. Hughes, MD
Kaitlyn M. Hurst, MD
Elena M. Iguina, MD
Allicia O. Imada, MD
Joseph E. Jacobson, MD
David B. Johnson, DO
Tyler Kalbac, MD
Jeremy J. Kalma, MD
Derek M. Klavas, MD
Rikki M. Koehler, MD
Gregory E. Lause, MD
Jong Min Lee, MD
Thomas A. Lefebvre, MD
Adam M. Lukasiewicz, MD
David M. Macknet, MD
Isaac B. Majors, MD

Carolyn M. Meinerz, MD
Robert K. Merrill, MD
Megan R. Miles, MD
Christopher D. Murawski, MD
Alireza K. Nazemi, MD
Kamil Okroj, MD
Nicholas P. O'Neill, DO
Naveen Pattisapu, MD
Alexander B. Peterson, MD
Bowen Qiu, MD
Deepak Ramanathan, MD
Alexander S. Rascoe, MD
George J. Richard, MD
Ryan M. Ridenour, MD
John M. Rinaldi, MD
Ian Savage-Elliott, MD
Eric S. Secrist, MD
Philip J. Shaheen, MD
Alan G. Shamrock, MD
B. Dale Sharpe Jr., DO
Maksim A. Shlykov, MD
Brian T. Sleasman, MD
Brandon A. Stein, MD
John J. Stivers, MD
Carson D. Strickland, MD
Gonzalo Sumarriva, MD
Andrew P. Thome, MD
Andrea C. Tian, MD
Jacob J. Triplet, DO
Eric M. Vess, MD
Gregory Walker, MD
Jennifer S. Walt, MD
Kevin C. Wang, MD
Chad B. Willis, MD
Andrew Wohler, MD
Mark Wu, MD
Ruixian A. Yue, MD
Zachary T. Zmich, MD