Your Fellowship Did WHAT?!


This new case conference series provides an opportunity for Fellows across the US to see how other institutions treat interesting and difficult cases, while also fostering community among fellowship classes. Every month, two AOFAS members will dive into your toughest cases and lead a discussion on the best course of treatment, operative plans, and challenges you may encounter.


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HarrisThomasEric Giza, MD

Tuesday, June 22
9:00-10:00 pm Eastern Time

Eric Giza, MD
University of California Davis

Thomas Harris, MD
UCLA-Harbor Medical Center

Eric Tan, MD
University of Southern California


To participate, submit your toughest cases and challenging questions for discussion to Please remember to keep all films and MRIs HIPAA compliant.

The night of the broadcast, you will be asked to present your case to Drs. Giza and Harris. If you do not have a case or question, you can still register and join the discussion. We encourage all participants to ask questions and weigh in on the discussion, and ask that you have your camera on during the event.

Cases for this event are due by June 20, 2021. If you have questions, please contact William Livingston, AOFAS Fellowship and Resident Education Manager, at