Winter Meeting Albatross Award


January 26-29, 2023
Big Sky Resort
Big Sky, Montana

Program Chair:
Kenneth J. Hunt, MD


Winter Meeting attendees are invited to present a case as a contender for the Albatross Award!

We have all faced clinically challenging scenarios, one in which an initial surgery leads to another to another… to another. Like an albatross circling and circling, years may pass before the patient successfully "lands." On the evening of Friday, January 27, each participant will present a 2-3 minute HIPAA-compliant PowerPoint presentation highlighting their challenging case.

In the spirit of learning and supporting our colleagues (with a hint of Schadenfreude), the audience will then vote on who is most worthy of the 2023 Albatross Award. Let's take a moment to acknowledge that being a foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon can be challenging, but you never have to go it alone as an AOFAS member.

If you would like to participate, please email

Presentations will be uploaded on the day of competition. Please remember to redact all patient identifiers.