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The AOFAS is committed to advancing foot and ankle orthopaedic surgery and patient care through research. Learn more about our innovative research programs and helpful resources:

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Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Outcomes Research Network
Stepping forward into the future with patient-reported outcomes

OFAR is ...
  • Establishing a nationwide member network and database
  • Collecting patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data to improve foot and ankle patient care
  • Expanding the infrastructure for future comparative patient outcomes research
OFAR Long-term Goals
  • Continued growth of the nationwide, multi-site OFAR network
  • Extensive AOFAS member participation and data sharing
  • Eventual registry status
  • Support for AOFAS members in meeting requirements for ABOS Maintenance of Certification, Part IV MOC Performance in Practice
  • Coordinate data collection with EMR systems
  • Collaborate with industry for patient safety and post-market device surveillance
  • Collaborate with international data collection and registry networks

Donations to The Foundation have funded initial OFAR pilot phases, infrastructure development, and positioning for growth. 

Individual giving to The Foundation and support from industry will ensure the continuing growth of OFAR toward future goals. Make a gift today.

For further information please contact Katie Wochos, MA, AOFAS Director of Quality Initiatives/OFAR,​​
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​​The AOFAS Board of Directors supports opportunities for AOFAS members to participate in quality of care and research initiatives that enhance patient care and improve the quality of orthopaedic foot and ankle research. The AOFAS Research Committee is developing guidelines and recommendations for the Society to consider as it contemplates collaborative research opportunities. OFAR, the Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Outcomes Research Network, is the AOFAS infrastructure hub to facilitate collaborations on quality and research initiatives.
If you have questions or for more information about OFAR or AOFAS Research Collaboration, please contact: ​
Katie Wochos, Director of Quality Initiatives​ or 847-430-5079​
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AOFAS Research Grants Program
The call for 2018 Grant Applications has closed.

Recipients of 2018 AOFAS Research Grants were announced at AOFAS Specialty Day in New Orleans. Congratulations to the winners!

The AOFAS annual grant cycle opens in the fall. Please review the policies and guidelines if you are considering applying in 2019. Now is a great time to start planning your research proposal to be prepared when the 2019 cycle opens.