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Complete Foot Care Course 2014

October 24 - 25, 2014 |  Charlotte, North Carolina

Expand training for your staff with the Complete Foot Care Course recordings.

This course is not included in PRC Core Content or the PRC Annual Subscription.​​​​​ Pricing for this and other courses is available on the PRC PRICING PAGE, or CLICK HERE​ to order a one-year subscription to the online recording​.

The AOFAS Complete Foot Care Course focuses on the team approach to the office practice of orthopaedic foot and ankle care. This multidisciplinary course emphasizes the non-surgical team approach to foot and ankle care. In didactic sessions, faculty - including surgeons, radiologists, physical therapists, nurses, athletic trainers, pedorthists, and orthotists - address the basics of the foot and ankle evaluation and relevant biomechanics. Breakout sessions address aspects of foot and ankle care relevant to each participant's specific practice.​

he package of six breakout session recordings includes:

  • Anatomy and Examination of the Foot

  • Athletic Taping and Bracing

  • Foot Mechanics and Gait

  • Orthotics and Braces

  • Total Contact Casting

  • Wound Care