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The mission of THE FOUNDATION is to support the AOFAS in advancing education, research and humanitarian service.

THE FOUNDATION is a separate 501(c)(3) organization and is the charitable fundraising arm of the AOFAS. Generous donations to THE FOUNDATION  from individuals and industry help support the following important AOFAS programs.​

​Sharing Knowledge Changing Lives​ ​Growing for the Future


An investment in the future of the profession. The AOFAS programs funded by THE FOUNDATION educate residents and showcase foot and ankle as a challenging and satisfying career choice. Programs include:


Expanding knowledge for tomorrow's practice. The AOFAS Research Grants Program provides vital start-up funding for promising foot and ankle research projects. Grants of up to $20,000 are awarded annually. Funding is awarded on a competitive basis based on a blinded NIH-review of grant applications.

Patient Reported Outcomes Research. In 2012, the AOFAS established the National Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Outcomes Research Network (OFAR) for collecting and sharing data on treatment outcomes. The pilot program will validate the instruments and identify best practices to increase success in collecting patient outcomes data. In the future the instruments and the aggregated data will be available to all AOFAS members for research, registries, and to improve care.  

Humanitarian Service 

Opening doors for volunteer outreach. The AOFAS Overseas Outreach Project to Vietnam provides life-changing surgery and challenging professional experiences. Since the program began in 2002, more than 1,000 disabled children and adults have received free life-changing surgery and more than 2,400 patients have been seen in the clinics. AOFAS members work side-by-side with Vietnamese orthopaedic surgeons in the cities and villages in northern Vietnam.


 Thank You to Donors


The projects accomplished by the AOFAS, through funding from THE FOUNDATION, have been many and varied. Beginning goals have flourished with monetary support from the friends of the AOFAS and their gifts to its FOUNDATION. Thank you for your support.  

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Donors play a vital role in supporting the advancement of education, research and humanitarian service.

Just think how much more knowledge could be shared and  how many more lives could be changed with additional funds.​ 

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