Fellowship Match Program

July 29, 2015 Update

Following medical school and orthopaedic surgery residency, some orthopaedic surgeons seek further training in the treatment of foot and ankle disorders through fellowship training programs.
The Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Fellowship Program Match, sponsored by the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, is designed to be a transparent, unbiased process in which applicants are matched to foot and ankle fellowship programs on a competitive basis.
  • Participating programs and applicants are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct for Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Fellowship Programs and Applicants.  
  • Participating programs must also utilize the Curriculum of recommended foot and ankle procedures and topics in training fellows​
Participation in the match requires graduation from an allopathic or osteopathic medical school, and fellowship is dependent upon successful completion of an approved orthopaedic surgery residency program.
The AOFAS administers the application receipt and distribution process, and administration of the rank lists and the match process is handled by the San Francisco Matching Service (SF Match).

Benefits to Fellows 

Fellows in programs that participate in the match are eligible for benefits, including waiver of dues during the fellowship year, a 50% reduction in during the first year of practice, and inclusion on a listing on the AOFAS website.  

Fellowship Programs in the Match 

Participation of fellowship programs in the match is based on consensus by the foot and ankle fellowship directors. To ensure fairness, fellowship directors annually sign a legal agreement with the AOFAS committing their program and faculty to abide by the Code of Conduct and utilize the Curriculum of recommended foot and ankle procedures and topics.

Participating programs may not offer ANY six-month or longer fellowship positions outside of the match prior to Match Day.

The AOFAS will give preference to faculty of participating programs over faculty from non-participating programs in awarding research grants, in acceptance of papers for presentation at Specialty Day and the Annual Summer Meeting, selection of symposia and educational course faculty, committee membership and/or positions on the Society’s Board of Directors.

Available Positions for 2016-17

Click here​ for a list of available positions for 2016-17. Please contact the programs directly to apply.

Available Positions for 2015-16

Click here for a list of available positions for 2015-16. Please contact the programs directly to apply.

Stats on Previous Matches


For statistics for all matches from the 2009 match for 2010-2011 positions to the 2012 match for 2013-14 positions click here.

Research and Observational Positions Outside the Match

Strictly research and/or observational fellowships and clinical fellowships of less than six months in duration are outside of the match and may be arranged at any time directly with a fellowship program. The AOFAS is not involved in facilitating such fellowships.

Participating fellowship programs may not offer ANY six-month or longer fellowship positions outside of the match prior to Match Day.


Questions on the fellowship match application process may be addressed to the AOFAS Executive Office at aofasinfo@aofas.org or 800-235-4855 or 847-698-4654. 
The chair of the AOFAS Fellowship Match Committee is James R. Holmes, MD, jrh@med.umich.edu or 734-998-6594 (office).​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgeons who matched in Fellowship Programs in the AOFAS-sponsored Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Match, 2008-2013 

Ali Abbassian, MBBS (2011-12) John Kosko, MD (2010-11)​
Sami Abdulmassih, MD (2011-12) ​Mark Krahe, DO (2008-09)
Stephanie Adam, DO (2009-10) Jonathan Kraus, MD (2012-13)
Samuel Adams, MD (2010-11)​ Evgeny Krynetskiy, MD (2011-12)
Sonya Ahmed, MD (2008-09)​ Kristen Kuratnick, DO (2012-13)
Amgad Ahmed Amin, MB, BCh, MSc, PhD (2011-12) ​John Kwon, MD (2009-10)
​Jason Ahuero, MD (2009-10) Jason Lake, MD (2009-10)​
Adam Ajis, MBChB, FRCS (Tr&Orth) (2011-12) Joshua Lamb, MD (2010-11)​
​Pamela Allen, MD (2008-09) Vikrant Landge, MBBS (2011-12)
Prishanth Anand, MD (2010-11)​ L. Daniel Latt, MD, PhD (2008-09)​
Kelly Apostle, MD (2010-11)​ David Lee, MD (2012-13)
​Nicole Arcand, MD (2008-09) Zachary Leonard, MD (2011-12)
​Gregory Ardoin, MD (2009-10) Jason Lin, MD (2009-10)​
​Stephen Arndt, MD (2010-11)​ Eric Lloyd, MD (2012-13)
​Kali Arnold, MD (2008-09) John Louis-Ugbo, MD (2009-10)​​
Vikrant Azad, MBBS (2011-12) Kevin Lutta, MD (2009-10)​​
​Lucas Bader, MD (2009-10) Katherine Ma, MD (2012-13)
Heather Barske, MD (2010-11)​ Patrick Maloney, MD (2012-13)
Ahmed Bata, MD (2011-12) Paul Maloof, MD (2012-13)
Ali Behboudi, DO (2011-12) Adam Mandel, DO (2011-12)
Sudhir Belagaje, MD (2012-13) ​Robert Marsh, DO (2009-10)​
Joseph Bellamy, MD (2011-12) James Martens, MD (2008-09)​
​Jerome Benavides, MD (2008-09) Randall Marx, MD (2009-10)​
​Mark Berkowitz, MD (2008-09) Matthew Massey, MD (2010-11)
Brad Blankenhorn, MD (2011-12) Sean Matuszak, MD (2011-12)
John Bleazard, DO (2012-13) Tina Maxian, MD (2010-11)​
James Bogener, MD (2010-11)​ Jeremy McCormick, MD (2008-09)
​James Boyle, MD (2008-09) Kelly McCormick, MD (2011-12)
​Michael Brown, MD (2008-09) Shelton McKenzie, MD (2012-13)
​Scott Brown, DO (2009-10) James Meeker, MD (2011-12)
Haydée Brown, MD (2011-12) Joshua Metzl, MD (2011-12)
​Jamey Burrow, MD (2009-10) Andrew Moore, MD (2009-10)​​
Michael Campbell, MD (2010-11)​ Parisa Morris, MD (2012-13)
Chad Carlson, MD (2010-11)​ Shawn Morrow, DO (2011-12)
Deborah Castaneda, MD (2012-13) Traske Muir, MD (2009-10)​​
Holman Chan, MD (2012-13) James Murphy, MD (2008-09)​
John Chao, MD (2012-13) Stuart Myers, MD (2012-13)
Lan Chen, MD (2010-11)​ Joshua Nadaud, MD (2009-10)​​
Nicholas Cheney, DO (2012-13) Sameer Naranje, MD (2010-11)
Brian Clowers, MD (2010-11)​ Anthony Ndu, MD (2012-13)
Marcus Coe, MD (2012-13) Gregory Neely, MD (2011-12)
​Mirylsa Colón, MD (2008-09) ​Scott Nemec, DO (2008-09)
​Jennifer Connor, MD (2009-10) Jason Nemitz, MD (2010-11)
M. Truitt Cooper, MD (2008-09) Erik Novak, MD, PhD (2008-09)​
​William Corey, MD (2008-09) Jason O'Dell, MD (2009-10)​​
W. Chase Corn, MD (2012-13) Irvin Oh, MD (2008-09)​​
Xan Courville, MD (2010-11)​ David Oji, MD (2012-13)
Adam Crawford, MD (2012-13) Kirstina Olson, MD (2008-09)​
​Daniel Cuttica, DO (2009-10) Justin Orr, MD (2008-09)​​
​David Dalstrom, MD (2009-10) Patrick Osborn, MD (2008-09)​​
​Husam Darwish, MD (2008-09) ​Richard Owens, Jr., MD (2009-10)
Joel Davis, MD (2011-12) Kenneth Park, MD (2008-09)​
Laura Dawson, DO (2011-12) Rhonda Parker, DO (2008-09)​
Erin Dean (Prewitt), MD (2012-13) Amar Patel, MD (2008-09)​​
​Sophia Deben, MD (2009-10) Chirag Patel, MD (2011-12)
Samuel Dellenbaugh, MD (2012-13) Vinayak Perake, MD, MBBS (2011-12)
Constantine Demetracopoulos, MD (2012-13) Jose Perez Maldonado, MD (2008-09)​
Shyler DeMill, DO (2012-13) Paul Peters, MD (2010-11)
​Premjit Deol, DO (2008-09) Alejandro Pino, MD (2010-11)
Sue Deonarian, MD (2010-11)​ John Prather, MD (2010-11)
​Sarang Desai, DO (2008-09) Ryan Putnam, MD (2008-09)​
Bryan Ding, MD (2010-11)​ Alexander Rabinovich, MD (2009-10)​
​Jeffrey Dombroski, MD (2008-09) Satheesh Ramineni, MD (2009-10)​
Jesse Doty, MD (2012-13) Paul Rath, MD (2010-11)​
Thomas Douglas, III, MD (2012-13) Sourendra Raut, MD (2009-10)​
Thomas Dowd, MD (2010-11)​ NSP Reddy Cheppalli, MS (Ortho), MRCSEd (UK)  (2010-11)​
​Mark Drakos, MD (2009-10) Mark Reed, MD (2011-12)
John Duerden, MD (2011-12) Keri Reese, MD (2008-09)​
Tobin Eckel, MD (2011-12) Guy Reyes, MD (2011-12)
Scott Ekroth, MD (2011-12) Vytautas Ringus, MD (2009-10)​​
​Kent Ellington, MD,  MS (2009-10) Venus Rivera, MD (2008-09)​
​John Elton, MD (2009-10) Cuchulain Rust, MD (2012-13)
David Epstein, MD (2011-12) Paul Ryan, MD (2009-10)​
Emily Exten, MD (2012-13) Daniel Ryssman, MD (2010-11)​
Nathan Fanter, DO (2011-12) Mark Ryzewicz, MD (2010-11)
​Frances Faro, MD (2009-10) Omar Saleem, MD (2011-12)
Todd Fellars, MD (2012-13) Julie Sara (Johnson), MD (2011-12)
Nicole Fetter, MD (2010-11)​ Vinayak Sathe, MD, FRCS (Tr&Orth) (2009-10)​​
Mason Florence, MD (2012-13) Shane Schutt, MD (2010-11)​
Ramces Francisco, MD (2011-12) Christine Seaworth, MD (2012-13)
​Bethany Gallagher, MD (2009-10) Nicholas Seibert, MD (2009-10)​
Beatriz Garcia-Cardona, MD (2012-13) Jeffrey Seybold, MD (2012-13)
David Garras, MD (2012-13) Khalid Shirzad, MD (2009-10)​
Kathryn Garrels, MD (2010-11)​ Jeremy Smith, MD (2011-12)
L. Nathan Gause, MD (2010-11)​ Sheryl Smith, MD (2009-10)​
​Laura Gehrig, MD (2008-09) Joseph Soo Park, MD (2009-10)​
Dirk Gesink, MD (2011-12) Arjun Srinath, MD MPH (2011-12)
Mary Gilmer, MD (2012-13) Andrew Steiner, MD (2010-11)
​Troy Gorman, MD (2009-10) Benjamin Stevens, MD (2009-10)​
Jaymes Granata, MD (2012-13) Faustin Stevens, MD (2011-12)
Ben Grear, MD (2012-13) Kristopher Stockton, MD (2012-13)
R. Joseph Grierson, DO (2008-09) Nicholas Strasser, MD (2011-12)
Jennifer Gurske de Perio, MD (2010-11)​ Giselle Tan, MD (2010-11)​
James Halloran, MD (2012-13) Ken Tan, MD (2011-12)
Sarah Hanslow, MBBS (2009-10)​ Edward Tang, MD (2011-12)
Safet Hatic, DO (2010-11)​ Joshua Tennant, MD (2012-13)
​Faruk Hatipoglu, MD (2008-09) Corey Thompson, MD (2009-10)​
W. Hembree, MD (2011-12) Stephen Tocci, MD (2008-09)​
​Jeffrey Henning, MD (2008-09) Rachel Triche, MD (2011-12)
​John Hewitt, MD (2009-10) Zachary Vaupel, MD (2010-11)
Christopher Hodgkins, MD (2011-12) Andrea Veljkovic, MD (2010-11)​
MaCalus Hogan, MD (2012-13) Nicholas Viens, MD (2012-13)
Scott Holthusen, MD (2010-11)​ Joseph Vineyard, MD (2010-11)​
Calvin Hu, MD (2012-13) James Vosseller, MD (2009-10)​​
​Kenneth Hunt, MD (2008-09) Allison Wade, MD (2008-09) (2009-10)​​
Michael Iossi, MD (2010-11)​ Adam Wagshul, MD (2008-09)​​
Mikhail Itingen, DO (2010-11)​ Norman Waldrop, III, MD (2011-12)
Kavita Iyengar, MD (2012-13) Justin Weatherall, MD (2011-12)
Vivek Jagadale, MD (2010-11)​ Justin Weatherall, MD (2011-12)
Jeffrey Jockel, MD (2011-12) Brian Weatherby, MD (2008-09)
​Catherine Johnson, MD (2008-09) Kevin White, DO (2008-09)​
Michael Johnson, MD (2012-13) Jacob Wisbeck, MD (2010-11)
David Joos, MD (2011-12) Gregory Witkowski, MD (2008-09)
Bharati Kalyani, MD (2011-12) Matthew Wolenski, MD (2011-12)
Steve Kang, MD (2012-13) Clive Woods, MD (2012-13)
Roy Kellum, Jr., MD (2012-13) ​Gladys Yan Chan, MD (2009-10)
​Daniel Kelmanovich, MD (2008-09) Scot Youngblood, MD (2010-11)
​Travis Kemp, MD (2009-10) Diego Zanolli, MD (2011-12)
Christopher Kestner, MD (2011-12) Kevin Zartman, MD (2012-13)
​Carter Kiesau, MD (2009-10) John Zavala, MD (2010-11)​
Nathan Kiewiet, MD (2012-13) Jacob Zide, MD (2012-13)
Gregory Kirwan, DO (2012-13) Monica Zilkoski, MD (2010-11)​
​Brian Kleiber, MD (2009-10) Alan Zonno, MD (2010-11)
​Alex Kline, MD (2009-10)

 Important Dates


2016 Match Timetable for 2017-2018 Positions

Monday, July 20, 2015: Program agreements, position listing form, and profiles due to AOFAS

​Monday, August 10, 2015: Applicants may begin registering on the SF Match website, www.sfmatch.org.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 to Monday, March 7, 2016: Applicants may submit applications to AOFAS. 
Program Profile lists individual program deadlines

Submission by Tuesday, December 1, 2015 is strongly recommended 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 to Monday, March 21, 2016: Programs may conduct interviews.

Monday, March 28, 2016 (Noon, PT): Deadline for applicants and programs to submit their rank lists to SF Match.
Monday, April 4, 2016: AOFAS will notify unmatched applicants and programs that they will be participating in a post-match scramble and will be given interview guidelines.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016: Match Day, results available by logging into SF Match Account

Tuesday – Friday, April 5 – 8, 2016: Post-match scramble for unmatched applicants and programs with unfilled positions to interview

Friday, April 8, 2016 (11:00 am, PT): Programs can offer unfilled positions to unmatched applicants

Monday, April 11, 2016: Post-match vacancies listed on SF Match and AOFAS websites

​Application materials and Program list will be updated in July/August 2015.

Click here​ to view all programs that participated in the 2015 match. 

 Application Process


The first step for applicants is to register for the Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Match on the San Francisco Match website, www.sfmatch.org.  

The SF Match registration fee is $50 and covers the administrative costs of the rank list submission and the match process. Upon registering, the applicant will receive an ID number to be entered on the AOFAS Fellowship Application form.
The AOFAS staff administers the application receipt and distribution process. The AOFAS does not charge applicants for this service.  To assist applicants in providing, and fellowship programs in receiving, complete and consistent information, the AOFAS has developed a universal application form and submission process.
To Apply:
View the Program Profile for information on each fellowship program.  Applicants may contact any program directly to request additional information.

Send to AOFAS:
Send Directly to Programs / to AOFAS:
  • Four letters of reference directly from the referrer

Detailed instructions are on the Application Form.