Research Grants Program


Congratulations to the 2016 AOFAS Research Grant Award Recipients!

Awards announced at
AOFAS Specialty Day, March 5, 2016 in Orlando, FL

One $50,000 Established Project Grant Category Opportunity

New for 2016 Cycle

Congratulations to the 2016 AOFAS Research Grant Award Recipients!

Pilot Project Research Grants

Do Knee Scooters Contribute to Lower Extremity Venous Stasis?

Christopher W. Reb, DO; Gregory C. Berlet, MD

Development of a Real Time Model of Foot and Ankle Kinematics During Simulated Gait – A Pilot Study

Bryan Smith, MD; Michael S. Pinzur, MD; Robert M. Havey, MS; Muturi G. Muriuki, PhD; Adam P. Schiff, MD

Small Project Research Grants

A Prospective Analysis of Midfoot Function, Ankle Power and Patient Functional Outcomes After Total Ankle Arthroplasty

Frank DiLiberto, PT, PhD; Steven L. Haddad, MD; Anand M. Vora, MD

Evaluation of Local Vancomycin Powder on Osteoblastic Function and Healing in a Rodent Ankle Arthrodesis Model

Jason T. Bariteau, MD; Rishin J. Kadakia, MD; Mara L. Schenker, MD; Nick J. Willet, PhD

Arthroscopic Evaluation of the Ankle Syndesmosis: A Cadaveric Study

Christopher W. DiGiovanni, MD; Bart Lubberts, MD; Bryan G.Vopat, MD

Established Project Research Grants

Supramalleolar Osteotomy: Mid- to Long-Term Results of 298 Consecutive Patients

Nicola Krähenbühl, MD; Lukas Zwicky, MSc; Liliana Bolliger, MSc; Markus Knupp, MD

In Vitro Assessment of the Role of Mechanical Strain in the Pathogenesis and Reversal of Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy

Mark R. Buckley, PhD; Adolph S. Flemister, Jr., MD; Alayna E. Loiselle, PhD; Michael S. Richards, PhD


Thank you to all who submitted 2015 applications!

For the 2016 cycle, the AOFAS received 23 Research Grant applications: 4 Pilot Project, 15 Small Projects, and 4 Established Projects.

2016 cycle grant awards were announced at Specialty Day in Orlando, FL, March 5, 2016. Letters and funding agreements will be sent to recipients by the end of March.



New $50,000 Established Project Grant Category Opportunity

The AOFAS Board of Directors approved piloting a new research grants category for two years beginning with the 2016 cycle. One opportunity for an Established Project Research Grant award of up to $50,000 will be available for an application deemed eligible during the Research Committee's competitive, blinded NIH-style review process.
The new larger grant is intended to support innovative research for basic science, clinical trials and pre-trial work that could be used to obtain additional grants from national funding sources. Applications must be backed by preliminary work and data to demonstrate feasibility of projects and capabilities of the research team.


Research Grant Program Goals

The AOFAS Research Grant Program overall goals are:
  • To advance foot and ankle investigation by providing seed funding for promising research projects
  • To encourage supplemental submissions to national funding sources.

Pilot Project Gra
nts Category Added in 2015

In 2015, the AOFAS began offering pilot seed grants. With funding up to $5,000, the pilot project grants are intended to encourage young investigators, especially residents and fellows, to get involved in research.

Grant Categories

The AOFAS awards one-year research grants (July 1-June 30) in three categories:

Pilot Project Grants - Competitive grants in amount up to $5,000. No more than 4 pilot grants will be awarded in any grant cycle. Grant recipients are expected to use data obtained from the projects to develop future grant applications.
Small Project Research Grants - Competitive grants in amounts up to $20,000 to provide seed funding for promising research projects. This is the core grant category, formerly called simply Research Grants.
Established Project Research Grants - New in the 2016 cycle, to be piloted for 2016 and 2017, is one opportunity for a grant up to $50,000. This competitive grant  category is intended to support innovative research for basic science, clinical trial, or pre-trial work that could be used to obtain additional grants from national funding sources. Applications must be backed by preliminary work, data, and/or publications or abstracts to demonstrate feasibility of projects and capabilities of the research team.

Review Process

Applications are reviewed and ranked by the Research Committee on a competitive basis using a blinded NIH-style process. Funding recommendations are submitted to the AOFAS Board of Directors, which approves funding based on monies available without identification of project titles or names of investigators.

Application Forms & Instructions

The next deadline for receipt Research Grant Program applications will be December 1, 2016 for the 2017 grants cycle. Please check this space for a link to the online application form by October 1, 2016.

Although subject to change for the 2017 cycle, grants program description and guidelines from the 2016 cycle are provided as general information for prospective applicants: The AOFAS Research Grants Program Description, Policies, and Guidelines for Applicants and Institutional Representatives.



Eligibility for grant funding is a benefit of membership in AOFAS.
Established Project and Small Project Research Grants - The principal investigator or co-investigator must be an AOFAS Active Member, Candidate Member or International Member. Residents and Fellows may be investigators on a grant. The principal investigators or co-investigators will not be awarded more than two grants in any four consecutive years. Research Committee members and its ad hoc reviewers may not submit applications in the year they are reviewing applications.
Pilot Project Grants - Applicants must be an AOFAS Resident Member or Fellow Member, and an AOFAS Active Member, Candidate Member or International Member must serve as either the principal investigator, co-investigator, or project advisor.

Track Record on Research Grants

Grants awarded by the AOFAS have resulted in innovative insights in foot and ankle care, presentations at AOFAS and other educational meetings, published articles in Foot & Ankle International and other specialty journals, and larger grants from national sources. See grant awards 1997-present project titles and investigators.


Please email:
or call the AOFAS Executive Office: 
800-235-4855 or 847-698-4654 (outside the US)


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The Research Grants Program is funded by generous donations from individuals and corporations to the Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Foundation.
The 2016 Research Grants Program is funded in part by generous donations to The Foundation from Wright Medical Technology.
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 Grants History


Since 1997, the AOFAS has been providing grant funding opportunities for members and their fellows in training.

Research Grants 1997-Present

Look at the presentations, publications, and subsequent funding grant recipients have accomplished as a result of their AOFAS grant.

Research Grants 17 Year Review: 1997-2014