How to Tape an Ankle













1) Materials needed: pre-wrap, 1” athletic tape, quick drying tape adhesive, 2x2 squares of nonstick dressing (if available)

2) Ankle is ready for taping.
3) Apply 2" x 2" dressing to the front and back of the ankle.
4) Apply the pre-wrap around the ankle in a figure 8 fashion.
5) Apply more pre-wrap from the arch of the foot to 2” above malleoli (ankle bones).
6) Next , apply the athletic tape. Use 2 strips separately as an anchor at the top of the pre-wrap.
7) Apply a strip of tape in a ‘U’ fashion. Strip #1.
8) Apply strip #2 in a ‘U’ fashion.
9) Apply strip #3 in a ‘U’ fashion.
10) Apply circular strips around the ankle to the top of the foot.
11) Apply more circular strips around the ankle to the top of the foot.
12) Apply tape at the end of the pre-wrap and end across the top of the foot.
13) Then, reverse the direction of the athletic tape.
14) Apply tape around the heel as a “heel lock”.


All done!


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